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Have been away from C&C Ren about 10-12 years (and away from gaming in general for about 6) so it's awesome seeing some of the Renegade community is still kicking. Especially since

it's one of my favorite games of all time. Hope it hangs on for a little longer. I'd be surprised if anyone is still active that I played with.


If you haven't guessed; I'm Dan. I've almost always have been TeslaDan5 since the good ol' days of RA2, (for a bit of Renegade I was ACTesla and a couple other forms of Tesla).


So, hello to those who are still a live part of Renegade (and anyone else here.) (Also Orange is awesome so deal with the orange <3, hi :P)

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Hi dan. I’m jasmine, my user is Blu101. Im rarely on the renegade server but when you do it’s probably snipe. I’m usually playing rencorners Minecraft server 

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