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December Terraria Promotions!


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Hiya, there's no actual staff being promoted today, however there are three honorable mentions I'd like to shed light on, they've earned it.

Before I start, Raid Leaders are people who lead multiplayer dungeons in my absence, they are a humongous help and they make it tons of fun for our community.

Welcome @Sickle to Full Raid Leader! He's our first full Raid Leader, he's been doing a fantastic job lately, from what I've seen he's successfully completed around 20 or so dungeons! Keep it up Sickle and you'll be the Head Raid Leader if and when I get around to making the rank

Now welcome @Vexcrate & @Eric to Trial Raid Leader - They've shown genuine interest, dedication and participation to doing in-game dungeons as well as having magnetic personalities. I have no doubt they'll make great additions to the team of dungeon raiding! 

Good job you three! Keep on Raiding, the more you do lead the more motivation I have to make newer and more challenging dungeons & events!


~ Skilz 

yes I have permission to post this here

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Congratulations to Sickle Vexcrate and Eric! May the three of you bring much entertainment to the raids, and continue to enjoy your time on Rencorner's Terraria server!

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