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Application for vip :D


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Good day,

My name is Sammi.

My ingame/character names are Sammi02 <Terraria username.

I am 16 almost 17.

I am from USA.

I have probably been playing terraria for around... a year and a half or so. I've kind of lost track of when I bought the game.

So I searched on google terraria servers, and I wanted like a free build survival. I mainly found it and joined because I am a pretty friendly person and wanted to meet people, but of course I was safe about it.

I am not sure how long exactally I have been playing on your server, but I do know I haven't played it in a while because I have been so busy with school, but I would like to play it more often because I find it very fun. when I do play terraria I am usually on your server, because otherwise i'm bored.

I want to be vip because, I am friendly and I like this server, this is actually the only server I really play on because the other ones are sort of lame if i'm honest. I think that being a vip will be a great thing to have and I am such a nice person and I do follow your server rules so I wouldn't be a bad person against your server guidelines. I also like how i'd get to build up in the glass area, I have lots of trouble finding an un claimed place to build so that is a nice add on for being a vip. I honestly didn't know how you could get to build up there but now I do haha. I am excited to get my info back from you guys. thank you so much! :D OWO





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Accepted! Don't forget to vote daily and to participate in events to receive an upgraded VIP rank, prefixed armor and specially prefixed weapons! Look forward to our upcoming RPG Server! After one month of actively playing, you can ask a SeniorMod or Admin for VIP+ which comes with more benefits and permissions, including the ability to summon invasion events! 

(https://gyazo.com/174e831f04829307880c40a0f41a82f6 for reference)

~ Skilz


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