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Trial raid leader application


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1) What is your real name?

Gabriel Neves

2) Please select a character name you'd like Raid Leader on. This rank will not replace any rank, as it is supposed to be separate and only used in certain scenarios (Only while actively using the rank for leading dungeons!). That does mean you'd need to have two accounts, one for regular play, and one for raid leading. 


3) How old are you?


4) How long have you been playing Terraria?

3 years

5) How long have you been playing on our server? 

more than 1 year

6) How active are you? (Be as detailed as possible!)

i play every day

6) How well do you know Terraria mechanics of wiring and sensors?

i think very well

7) Why do you want to be a Raid Leader? (Be honest, we can tell if you want it for the commands and such.)

because i like doing raids

8) How many Lost Halls, Shatters and Other dungeons do you think you have completed? (Round to the nearest tenth) 

a little more than 10

9) Why should we pick you as a Raid Leader for RCTerraria? 

because i feel like im able to carry such responsability

10) You accidentally use a command incorrectly and now someone has a special ability that they normally shouldn't have, what do you do?

i remove it, and if i cant remove it id either ask my superiors to or if theyre not online id ask to the player to kill himself and then come back

11) A player rushes the dungeon without the group and without permission, what do you do? (Be Very detailed)

i would warn him not to do that again

12) A player who wanted to join a dungeon is breaking the set rules at the start (in this case taking items from more than one chest), what do you do? How would you handle it if there was no one online to assist you at the time?

id ask him to stop, if he doesnt id have to remove him from the raid and report the case to my superiors

13) Do you promise to never abuse commands/waypoints or anything else that you may or may not have access to? 


14) What does this rank mean to you?

it means im the one responsible for organizing the raid and guide new players

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Heyo Sickle, Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you in at most a week with our final answer. In the mean time keep doing dungeons and stay active. c: 
~ Skilz

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Greetings Sickle, I've decided to give you a shot at Raid Leader. Your activity and knowledge of dungeons as well as the ability to lead firmly and fairly makes you a fine candidate to be a Raid Leader. I know you'll do great!

~ Skilz

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