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Cqntact's Raid Leader Application


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1) What is your real name?


2) Please select a character name you'd like Raid Leader on. This rank will not replace any rank, as it is supposed to be separate and only used in certain scenarios (Only while actively using the rank for leading dungeons!). That does mean you' need to have two accounts, one for regular play, and one for raid leading. 


3) How old are you?


4) How long have you been playing Terraria?

Since September 1st, 2015

5) How long have you been playing on our server? 

I made my official account on September first of 2015 as well, but I had played the server on a friend's PC beforehand.

6) How active are you? (Be as detailed as possible!)

I try to be as active as possible on the server, although I cannot be online every second of the day.

6) How well do you know Terraria mechanics of wiring and sensors?

I can work pretty well some basic and advanced wiring and sensors. Logic gates are something I can never understand, so sorry if those are a requirement

7) Why do you want to be a Raid Leader? (Be honest, we can tell if you want it for the commands and such.)

Why I wish to become a Raid Leader is so that I may be able to express my creativity. For years, one of my favorite tasks to perform in any sandbox-ish game is to build a beautiful, albeit functioning base location. This liking has led to me constantly coming up with new ideas, testing new block options, etc. Becoming a Raid Leader would allow me to at least express some creativity and a bit of control over some dungeons (by control I don't mean like Skilz control, I mean like monitoring control)

8) How many Lost Halls, Shatters and Other dungeons do you think you have completed? (Round to the nearest tenth) 

I'd say approximately 7-8 in total, including a solo dungeon. 

9) Why should we pick you as a Raid Leader for RCTerraria? 

I feel as if I should be picked for a Raid Leader for RCTerraria because I often show a great level of maturity, and respect those with higher power than I. I can also help determining those who break the Rules of the Raid, i.e taking too many items, charging ahead, or (somehow) breaking the dungeon all together.

10) You accidentally use a command incorrectly and now someone has a special ability that they normally shouldn't have, what do you do?

I would first attempt to revert the permission given. If for whatever reason that does not  work, I would call upon someone with power to attempt to remove it as well. If for whatever reason the person with the special ability decides to abuse them, I will remove them from the dungeon if possible.

11) A player rushes the dungeon without the group and without permission, what do you do? (Be Very detailed)

If a player were to rush the dungeon without the group and without permission, I would warn them to return to the beginning of the dungeon and start with the group. If they refuse to do so, action must be taken and I will either remove them from the raid (if possible) or request moderator assistance.

12) A player who wanted to join a dungeon is breaking the set rules at the start (in this case taking items from more than one chest), what do you do? How would you handle it if there was no one online to assist you at the time?

I would first warn them to trash items that they don't want (extra classes they took, extra items, etc). If they refuse to do so, it would be quite evident they do not want to do the dungeon the true way if they are attempting to cheat the system, in which raid removal action must be taken

13) Do you promise to never abuse commands/waypoints or anything else that you may or may not have access to? 

I promise I would never use the commands in any way, shape or form that is not permitted for me.

14) What does this rank mean to you?

What this rank means to me is a way to lead groups of people into raids, something I've sometimes enjoyed. This also means I am able to monitor these same raids, and catch people who break the rules of such raids, ruining the event for other users. More often then not (not on RC), I have seen people who have gone and ruined the game experience for others by rushing ahead and ruining the match, or playing characters that are considered troll picks due to their underpoweredness. I wish to prevent similar scenarios (rushing ahead, purposefully dying to attempt to hinder the team, etc)

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Heya Cqntact, Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you in at most a week with our final verdict. In the mean time keep doing dungeons and stay active. c: 
~ Skilz

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Greetings Cqntact! I have some great news, after not much consideration (because your application was great, and all checked out). We've decided to give you a chance at leading! "Raidlens" will be given Trial Raid Leader, and we'll teach you how to do dungeon runs from there! Once more, congratulations! Take pride in being the first  RCTerraria Raid Leader!

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