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Game Suggestion: SCP Secret Laboratory


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What is SCP Secret Laboratory ?

SCP Secret Laboratory is set in the popular SCP universe and is based on SCP: Containment Breach. Most games have 20 people in them where it is split at the beginning of the game into different classes. 3-5 SCPS (Mutants), 5 CLASS D (Prisoners), 5 Scientists, 5 Facility Guard.



SCP: They are the mutants of the game. In this game there are multiple SCP Classes:

        *  Doctor (Resurrects dead NTF,  Chaos, and D Boys, And Scientists)

        *  Peanut (Moves Faster with damage, Snaps Necks)

        *  Grandpa (Very Slow until looked at then he gets angry and can break down doors)

        *  Dogs (Can see humans through walls when they are moving)

        *  Larry (Can Suck Humans into his pocket and can teleport.)

Nine-Tailed Fox (NTF//Furries): The NTF want to help the scientists leave the facility and kill the SCPs and Chaos Insurgency.

Chaos Insurgency (Chaos): The Chaos wants to help the D-Boys Escape. They don't need to kill the SCP's to win so they usually work together

D-Class (D BOYS!): They are the worst class, they need to escape with the Chaos. Usually, they work together with the Scientists. Then kill them and steal their keycard and escape.

Scientists (Scientists//Nerds): Works with the NTF. Usually, works with the D Boys and then kill them later.

Facility Guard: Like NTF. Except worse.


How do I win the game:


There are multiple win conditions which depend on your faction.


SCP: Killed all D-Boys/Nerds/NTF/Facility Guard.

D Boys: Escape and play as Chaos. Then after all Nerds/NTF/Facility Guard are dead they win.

Chaos:  All Nerds/NTF/Facility Guard are dead they win.

Facility Guard: Same as NTF.

Scientists: Escapes and joins NTF. Same win conditions as NTF.

NTF: Kills Chaos/SCP/DBoys





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