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Miscarried Ban request


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  • Time and Date.

3.55 pm GMT+1

  • Cheaters name.


  • Fully detailed list of what they where doing to make you assume they cheat.

He posted my IP in chat for everyone to see!

  • Screenshots / Videos / Logs / Witnesses.



MY IP i can prove to any admin who wants to SS me







EDIT: asking staff to help me ingame gets the response "turn on a vpn" meaning they have NO idea what they are talking about. fix this shit.

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[08:30:34] <&RCBungee> (Chat) -SurvivalBeta- [Player] Miscarried: Opinions on the gays?

[08:33:56] <&RCBungee> (Chat) -SurvivalBeta- [Player] ImToppen101: niggers


My guess is you and Mis are here to troll together. Knock the shit off.

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