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Filipe's hacks


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1.  6/23/2018 at 4:33 pm.

Hi, I am Eric, and I found a hacker named Filipe who I have proof of had hacks that made it impossible for him to die on Rencorner Terraria freebuild server. His health bar even went to 0 and he didn't die. Here is my proof. These photos were taken back to back, not even a second from each other. The proof is that at low health that explosive should have killed him, but he still remained at zero health, still alive. 20180623163339_1.thumb.jpg.40034b6cd942ce07b8faa47f53c079a1.jpg20180623163339_2.thumb.jpg.154c48d6b9de88f34c39ae81e3baaf1d.jpg20180623163340_1.thumb.jpg.febd08c895fc1693ca3044d9885543d2.jpg20180623163340_2.thumb.jpg.2b5e93c5c4183fef91b67c41926bed40.jpg





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