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This one's pretty open and shut. One day you can say "faggot" on the server. The next you're getting muted for it at 4AM in the morning. 


Pick your rules and enforce them consistently. Matrix now suddenly deciding that he's offended I called him a faggot for trying to instigate an argument is beneath petty. This thing where you continually fabricate controversy in an half-assed attempt to slander me is going to come to an end.


I thought you guys besmirched your name bad enough when you let Vultima go on a tirade in the middle of a marathon map explaining to everyone that purposely exaggerates offenses to prune the server more to his liking. I'm not going to keep having these conversations with Shai on how ridiculously immature and biased these low level moderators are.


There only ever seems to be a problem when shai's not here as if to say that purposely misrepresenting the situation is a staple in any complaint made against me. Absolutely pathetic. 

Edited by Cjx0r
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you know what cj or what ever your name is, that word got a few people banned from the server... and you should pick your battles buddy.. I've muted you for a week before for this shit.. and if i gotta do it again fine... this word is not ok to say because of the context you choose to use it in... try using an insult that doesn't touch sensitive subjects!

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[04:36:43] <&RCSNIPE> Cjx0r: try not to bitch
[04:36:45] <&RCSNIPE> Cjx0r: when u die
[04:36:46] <&RCSNIPE> Host: [BR] Cjx0r is using Scripts 4.6 8098.
[04:36:48] <&RCSNIPE> @iB-Matrix: ....
[04:36:51] <&RCSNIPE> Tedesco: can we skip this?
[04:36:55] <&RCSNIPE> Cjx0r: hes going to leave anyway
[04:36:56] <&RCSNIPE> @iB-Matrix: you wanna try again
[04:37:00] <&RCSNIPE> @iB-Matrix: !vote yes
[04:37:02] <&RCSNIPE> Host: [BR] IRC for this server is located at irc.RenCorner.com -- #RC-Snipe
[04:37:04] <&RCSNIPE> Tedesco: !vote yes
[04:37:06] <&RCSNIPE> Host: [BR Jukebox] Now Playing: in the line of fire.mp3
[04:37:08] <&RCSNIPE> Cjx0r: do not cry in public chat when i shoot you in your face
[04:37:17] <&RCSNIPE> @iB-Matrix: ooo threats
[04:37:17] <&RCSNIPE> Host: iB-Matrix has been recommended by BRenBot for: MVP on C&C_Islands with 1592 points
[04:37:17] <&RCSNIPE> Host: iB-Matrix has been recommended by BRenBot for: Most Kills on C&C_Islands with 18 frags
[04:37:17] <&RCSNIPE> Host: Tedesco has been recommended by BRenBot for: Best K/D Ratio on C&C_Islands with 4.3
[04:37:20] <&RCSNIPE> @iB-Matrix: you know what cj
[04:37:21] <&RCSNIPE> [KILL] Tedesco killed iB-Matrix HEADSHOT! (Deadeye/Sniper Rifle VS. Black Hand Sniper/Sniper Rifle) [LD] 300.0
[04:37:24] <&RCSNIPE> Cjx0r: are u an idioot?
[04:37:24] <&RCSNIPE> Tedesco: sry
[04:37:28] <&RCSNIPE> @iB-Matrix: take a time out
[04:37:28] <&RCSNIPE> Cjx0r: me telling u not to cry
[04:37:31] <&RCSNIPE> Cjx0r: isnt a threat dipshit
[04:37:32] <&RCSNIPE> Cjx0r: kick me
[04:37:34] <&RCSNIPE> Host: [BR] You have 60 seconds left to !skip the map.
[04:37:38] <&RCSNIPE> Host: [BR] Cjx0r has been kicked and given a 24hr ban from the server by iB-Matrix for open threats


There you go.

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Why are you dragging my name through the mud? Do you want me to post the logs from this so call tirade, because trust me, its not me that looks a fool.


Also why is it always you, ask yourself that question...



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That's not how any of this works. I haven't undone anything because I felt my guys were in the wrong, I undo something if any commands were taken to the extreme.

I'll get to the root of this issue at 5pm my time.

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I take the lack of approval for my replies and the reversal of actions taken against me as the situation being concluded. 


Always a pleasure fellers, I look forward to the next instance of moderator misconduct. 

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Every post is automatically hidden, that was because noone :rtfm:.  The whole thing was stupid, I'm wiping it from my memory and sweeping it under the rug. I don't want to deal with your guys' idiotic shit. He apologized for his part, that's good enough.

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