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Congrat's jcocn5!


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Congratulations to our new Minecraft Admin jcocn5! :)

A donator and long time moderator of the minecraft server, jcocn5 has proved his worth to join group of Admins running the Minecraft server. Jcocn will be working closely with myself and the rest of the admin team to feedback user problems, complaints and other items of note to myself so that I know exactly what needs worked on or updated within the server. He will also be carrying on with the usual staff duties of fixing various problems users have from time to time in-game.

Note: The minecraft staff team has been undergone some changes in the past few weeks so for an updated list please look at this Topic.

So once again well done jcocn, keep up the good work!

~RenCorner Admins

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Couldn't think of a better person we could have put in the position. Awesome person and fun to be around. Look forward to having him on the team. Congrats man you deserve it.
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Wow.. Thanks everyone for the warm reception... I am honored to have been considered and promoted to this position.

I look forward to doing what I can to help RC and all its members to have an enjoyable and confident time with us.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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