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Well I'm still in shock but I've won a copy of 'The Town of Light' signed on Twitter. Really wasn't expecting to win and it's a lovely surprise. I met the producer of 'Wired Productions' at EGX back in September of this year. 

Here's the screen shot of the tweet:


Screen Capture #523.png

Going to play the game over Christmas when I have some free time. Will post the signed copy when it arrives.

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Well I've never completed a horror game to this date lol wait, I did the game called 'The Park' but I didn't think it was that scary. I really want to play Outlast and finish it before going on to Outlast 2.

Well I bought it for checking out the game but more for the dvd which it has. The dvd is about level design which I really want to do when I hopefully get into the games industry. 


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Ohh nice! i do some real nice level design using 3ds max. but its to high polygonar for renegade lol (or atleast for ren players). im actually talking about making fast nice looking clffs/mountains. 


heres a 2 minutes work: 


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