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Why am i kicked?


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I just started up Renegade and see i was directly kicked for racism? 1st of all i am no racist and second, my game wasn't even loaded yet so how could i say racist things?

It says i was kicked 15:47 i gues that is server time and i live in a time zone 1 hour later because here it was 16:47. Now i am kicked for 24 hours, well i survive that 24hours but the accusation is bs and i want it lifted and understand why you kick me for this nonsens.

The mod who kicked me is OSTKrzrbk.

Looking forward to your reply.

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It is because of Shared Serials... rzrbk kicked someone for racism who was using the same 000000 serial as you, and the bot recognizes everybody with the same serial and kicks them anyways.

fixiing it atm, you should be able to join soon

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Stop posting serial shit in here. You do know that means more bypassers will get around bans? We limit this shit to PM's for a reason.

You guys aren't even the one who has to keep bypassers out of Rencorner(that generally falls to me), and you're trying to make that even harder. Why don't you just point that Moroccan douche to these topics and let him have a go?:facedesk2::Facedesk:

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