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Bottom made by OSTKsarah.

First floor made by ReLaX.

Second floor made by Djinn.

Third floor made by OSTKsarah.

Recorded by Kicsisajt.

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The second floor took me so damn long! lol

I actually enjoyed working on it, sure it took me a while but meh, I like to see something completed :) The positioning is very hard, at least for me as I haven't played in the server much, but meh I've fell in love with it now. :D

Pretty epic the things you can create, kinda like a Minecraft but for Renegade lol

Thankyou Kicsisajt for recording it :)

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renecraft or?

Let's do it! Cyanide = CEO

Let us know how that works out and when we can come to work for you! lol

Nice thanks for sharing.

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