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My Renegade's 15 years Homage


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Yes, my people. It's already been a long time. It's been 15 years since we've met Havoc and his fearless personality. It's been 15 years since we've seen the real battle on the ground. It's been 15 years since we've known that Kane and Havoc act like good friends on the hologram. It's been 15 years that Havoc said the Mammoth is a little tank. It's been 15 years we've been admiring Sakura's boobs.


It's been 15 years since the fans has started this online community that might have lost some of them on the way up here, but its still alive and strong. It is NOT dead because it's a good game. Its a game where we have fun. It's a game we have some friends to talk with, and laugh at the headshots and accidental suicides they commit with the remotes. It's been 22 years since we've been introduced to the tiberium and its wars... But it has been 15 only, that we knew how the real battle was.


Thank you, Renegade. Thank you, for the so many hours played on campaign and even more on multiplayer. Thank you for the laughs, the wins, the losses, kills, deaths, car hijacks, destroyed buildings, weapon powerups, spies, deployed beacons - successful or not - and mostly important: Thank you, Rencorner, for being one of the servers that did not let it be forgotten.


As a Graphic Designer, I did a good but simple homage in Illustrator. Hope you guys like it!





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41 minutes ago, WNxH3adSh00t said:

And thank you for MateNone and his 400 sneirps. Artil w hots and the only guy who managed to headshot himself with a grenade launcher.

lmao! He's annoying, but surely, without him, we'd have no one to laugh at.

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39 minutes ago, masscarriers said:

stanislav5? rambo?

stanis is annoying, but at least he's a good and quiet player. But Rambo... oh Gosh. Him and his alter-egos are just so annoying

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2 hours ago, dubstar said:

really like what you've done with the poster xtreemo, you have put a lot of work into it  :thumbsup:

Thank you Mr. Dub! :ewwgross:


2 hours ago, ehh said:

stanis is the best player left tbh


I kinda agree, there are other good players but sure he is a great one

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