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Welcome apocbabz


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I'm surprised with the amount of alcohol you drank that you remembered the name of the website. :)

Welcome to RC and thanks for signing up!

You wont need Gumby to remind you of our community events as you'll be able to see them for yourself now.

Try not to make any boys cry ;)

Come visit at:



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apoccruel, apocserve, apocbabs, apocowned, apocmorph, apocwave, apocbabz, getzen, sdfs, josue, getzen, T3hSuck, Gin, RuM, buccy, McQueen, babzy, Macdaddy, grendelshouseoftorro, honsalshouseofterror, WhisKeY, Test, Miller, CptMorgan, iSuck, poop, mOnStEr, Mofo, mojo, Grey ?

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I vaguely remember Mura taking his pants off.

The rest is pretty much a blur.

Oh, Welcome to Rencorner Sweet Cheeks ;)

Tell the boys to come play, we'll be having some kind of Funwar at the weekend. :)

I'd write more but i'm too drunk atm.



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Welcome to RenCorner. Awesome to have you here!

  • Joined on Today, 04:09 AM

You drank many beers right? Welcome to RenCorner Wyld :lol: :lol: :lol: ( I can't stop laughting)

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