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Anyone want to make some cash and help me with my company's website?


In the process of buying another store and have had one of my store's managers quit. I don't have a lot to time to put into working on the website; after spending a couple hours browsing my competitor's websites and reading reviews I need a much bigger online presence. I have my site up http://dominosvips.com but I haven't had time to update it or finish it. Looking for anyone to help with graphics and anyone with knowledge of html and php to help out. I can assist with any coding related issues if you email me and tell me what the issue is with. I just don't have the time to do it myself. I need to turn this into a fully functioning website and get my social media game up so I can be present in our online communities as well at the cities we serve. Please let me know if you have time to offer and want to make some money on the side. Also please have experience. I don't want to have to do a step by step: If I did I wouldn't be asking for assistance. I am currently working 4:00-Close 5-6 times a week at one of my stores because there is no one else. Please get back to me and I appreciate any time that can be spared.


Currently training two new employees so hopefully will have more time soon. Might even get some games in!


Best regards,



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