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*Reminder* FunWar


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Just a reminder everyone, the funwar is tomorrow, January 7th, at 2PM Eastern (Toronto/New-York), Pacific 11AM (LA), 7PM UK (London) and 8PM EU time (France/Belgium/Germany, etc). If your time zone is not listed here and are in need of assistance, please use this link https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/difference.html?p1=179 . Simply take the time of 2:00 PM (14:00), and add or subtract the amount of hours based on your location.


Please be on Teamspeak at least 15 minutes prior to start time.  You must be on Teamspeak! The purpose of this is to get a competitive game of Renegade going with great communication. Hopefully we have a good sized turn out and we can get at least a 7 v 7 going, if not more! If the turn out is not as high as it's supposed to be, I am perfectly fine with playing a small game and I know some of the other players are okay with that as well.

The server IP is . The password, if you don't already know it, will be given out on IRC or Teamspeak.

Our Teamspeak, as most of you know, is ts.rencorner.com


All those who have expressed interest in joining us tomorrow, and some whom I think may be interested, have been tagged below, as a reminder to not forget. Feel free to let anyone you think may interested know, and feel free to tag them if you'd like.

I hope to see you all tomorrow for some fun, competitive Renegade! :761_animated_boxing:





@rackz @masscarriers @Ventus @BeerBaron @bad2gurlz @Redst3r @ShadowFor @Itai795 @Protos @NickK @NeoNBreeze @Manuel857 @Volcom @Forcanada @visara1 @Biertju @SweAngel @Goztow @GoTWhisKeY @cazembe @glors @Forithow

Gr8Bigguy said he can show up after he picks up Mrs.Bigguy from the airport. Might be a bit late.

XD_ERROR_XD will be there, as well

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6 hours ago, rackz said:

Remove weapon buy and im probably in lol

As masscarriers said it's stock. No weapon or tank buy and no donations.

Last time it was 2p.m. est

Unless something urgent comes up I will be there.

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I'm not available until 3pm est, but I should be able to play after that

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41 minutes ago, visara1 said:

Are we still planning on 3 pm est Saturday 1/28/17 ?

Yes, I'll be on at 3pm Eastern today along with glors, ill war with whomever is online. I didn't exactly plan this, it was just a spur of the moment type thing so whoever is around can feel free to play - I don't know how many people will show though.

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