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Hi I'm ~(SweAnge)~ , Swe for Sweden and as I'm lazy, Angel is my IRL name by that SweAngel the little thingys around it I have just to make it harder to pm me hahhaha:joker: 

Took a break from rene when n00bstories closed but Gr8Bigguy dragged me back a couple of months ago.

Meet a lot of You ingame already and most of You have made me feel welcome:wub: The others I don't give a hoot about:doooooh:

Anyway it's great to be back playing my favourite game and even greater to meet You all. 

Hugs Angel

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What to say about ~(sweangel)~ ?

She reps my tank one game and shoots it all to hell the next.

Just like every other woman in my life.

loves me hates me loves me hates me

All kidding aside she is a great team player and nice person.

It would be my honor to squad up and spend a day repairing your tank.

Lets see if you can break your kill record.

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Thank you all for the warm welcome :)  

Well what should I say Visara, we women are like that and that's why You guys find us so interesting hahahaha ;) :P

See you all in game.

Hugs Angel


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