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Okay, i am Darth Vader

I join terraria and username: branson

was starting to tell lies about me talking about jsharp21 when this never happened. He said to me "I'm doing this to get jsharp21 unmated then we will tell them it wasn't you" then continues to lie more about me and tell a bunch of bull crap. All because  jsharp21 asked me to unmute him when i said i couldn't. Im not staff i am just VIP. Gets mad and uses friends computer AKA username: branson. Uses that computer and starts talking bull crap. 

I just want this to be dealt with. But i don't wanna be banned for doing nothing.

p.s. The screenshots got deleted. Sorry i didn't delete them.

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I've reviewed the logs. You're not in any trouble. As shaitan told you, jsharp21 will be unmuted starting in December and will be given a second chance. Keep your own nose clean and you'll be fine. :)

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