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Hey everyone. 

So in the past I think I've talked to a few of you about gaming laptops but now it's actually happening. My father decided to gift me with a laptop since it was my birthday and I'm attending college again, and I'm truly grateful.


I need a recommendation from you all. I need a COMPACT gaming laptop! I need it to be powerful enough to play like Overwatch (if possible) but I need it compact enough that I can bring it along with me to class. It doesn't have to be tiny but it can't be a normal sized laptop, a bigger one. Price range about ~$1000

Please if anybody can recommend me something that would be great!



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First of all, I've had 3 gaming laptops, two of them were funded by work and I can tell you that I eventually went back to a desktop (funded myself) because in the end laptops aren't made for gaming. Games evolve rapidly, they need hardware upgrades that you just can't do on laptops. Also laptops are costly (count at least 50 pct more than desktops for less specs) and you always need to make choices. 

2nd thing: your budget. I'm afraid your budget is a bit low for a gaming laptop. The most important part for gaming is a decent gpu and those usually come in more expensive laptops. Remember you won't be able to upgrade that part... I always bought gaming laptops around 1.350... Until I just stopped buying them cause they had to be replaced way too often. 

About choices... You won't be able to have it all... I have a very light ultrabook (lenovo-phab carbon x1)  for work which is very portable and great building quality,  also quite powerful (but insufficient for hard core gaming) and it cost double the prize you're willing to pay. So believe me if you want a light and easy to carry laptop, decent building qualoty then it won't be a gaming laptop for that prize. 

Based on your requirements, go for a 15 ish inch screen. Take a website like Newegg and a good brand like lenovo and post some results that are within your prize range. Then we can give our opinion. 

Things you need (bare with me I'm not hundred percent up to date with specs, others can probably help you out better!) :

- an i5 processor 

-  8 gb ram minimum

- a decent gpu, check the recommended specs of a new game like bf1

- a ssd hard disk drive. This is absolutely necessary

- Windows 10. Forget about any other OS if you want to game

- a 15 inch screen

Also have a look at a cheaper brand like Acer which will give a lot more bang for your buck. But beware they last a lot less long! I had 2 Acer gaming laptops and both were in really bad looking shape when I decided to stop using them after a few years. I didn't care cause I knew I bought them for 3 years max. 

The alternative that I'd suggest is to buy a cheap laptop and add a ssd in it (you'll need around 500 dollar) and only use it for school and office work. Buy a desktop for gaming, you'll need around 700 and can upgrade it later if you save up some more. Overall you'll be much cheaper. My desktop runs since january 2010 and has been upgraded once. I never had a gaming laptop for longer than 3 years.

U hope others can complete this info with more info about recent specs, I stopped following hardware evolution lately. 

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pcs = goztow game

man 25% of me likes laptops and 75 % of me would rather use them as flotation devices compared to desktops.

windows 10? yeah sure. unless you just wanna play renegade like me. xD

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I have a gaming PC and guess what? im just playing renegade lol. I thought by buying a kickass maschine i will enjoy new games. But no, i dont.

Funny how peoples bitched about graphics for years, now every shitgame looks the same. Even more funny that these fags now stick to minecraft and other crap like terraria.

Btw, no laptop. They overheat by time to fast and loose performance by time... Also a laptop turns you into a pokemonGO player... gaming should stay at home and doesnt belong to the streets :D

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This one should be suitable. Maybe there is one out there with faster graphics memory  GDDR5 - not 3 and a GTX 960 card.

I found this one here in a market for 980 €.

edit: I also found this one

Acer Aspire V Nitro Black Edition Gaming Notebook VN7-592G-71JF Core i7-6700HQ 16GB 1TB +256GB SSD GTX 960M Full HD IPS Win 10

It has the GTX960 and the faster DDR5. I found it for 1030 € here.


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