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  2. Yes? Edit: even more so because you shorten your reload time but jumping in and out again, firing a light shell in between. Compared to the exciting arty that will sit outside GDI base and whore ref? How is that any better?
  3. Well thats the optimum what ur talking about. Dont forget the 2 arty n00bs in NOD base who whore tuns all day + the 2 stanks driving on field and only killing harvester = "only" 4 arties
  4. The lower the vehicle limit the better for nod. 8 arts plus 8 techs versus 8 meds and 8 hotties guess who wins? Versus 8 arts and 8 techs versus 16 meds
  5. For @Joetorp I think this is Minecraft's New Year's 2018 treat. Not watched the entire video but it's something which might have the MC people coming back. Hope you are excited about it as I am. It looks cool. New content includes: Trident Weapon. Shipwrecks. Dolphins. Coral Reefs. What do you think @Joetorp?
  6. Tank shells makes only sense when veh limit is 8 like back in the days. Also, if veh limit is 8 Nod won't be able whoring the WF on Field with 203992334828 Arties!
  7. Rackz is right about one of the 4.0 updates introducting lag...I'm not sure which version but around march 2012 they had an update which caused a lot of lag when jumping around. I made a video of it in the private 4.0 testers forums as I was playing on st0rm's deathmatch server while noticing it. I mentiond it to dblaney in May and he fixed it in scripts 4.5 but it's a server-side fix I think. Oh and btw headsh00t is still invising against me, at least a few days ago on MPF.
  8. Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft Anthony. Your application has been accepted. Please respect our rules. Vote for our sever to receive rewards on select servers, Vote for our sever to receive rewards on select servers, We are happy you stopped by to play, enjoy your stay. Hope you stick around.
  9. How do shells help with masses? The vehicle limit of 30 did just fine.
  10. Just played a game of Niagra with ramjets, honestly, all saks do is sit near the air, shoot in field, even with limited ammo, refill, same boring shit all game
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  12. My names Anthony or I like being called ant I'm 14 and from South Florida, I've owned Minecraft for 4 years now but I got back into it a few months ago. I didn't find this server from a friend I found this server while looking for gtamc servers to play on. Besides Minecraft i play terraria every now and again also well as tf2(i think thats a rencorrer game.)
  13. I'm happy that we brought back the shells. Hope to see some masses again like the good old days. About the snipers being removed on Wednesdays, I thought it was a good idea but at the end of the day, snipers are part of the game. If we do want it removed on Wednesdays, then just on a particular map such as niagra only. Playing niagra without snipers was pretty fun.
  14. Thanks ExEric3, much appreciated.
  15. leet
  16. big deal
  17. 1,336 posts lol
  18. Im pretty sure you're allowed to use light/rav as long as you don't shoot both at the same time? Basically take your time with the shots, although I'v been hesitant to do so in games, because I don't wanna get called out then have to explain it hahah
  19. Thank you!
  20. How about instead of removing guns that were put in the game by the people who made it, you remove pimp weapons so I can feel like I'm actually playing renegade. Idc if you wanna try things out like no snipers but why do we play what feels like many maps because field and under can last hours, with mines that basically kill you asap and pimp rockets which can take out almost anything like asap. And why the hell does snipers do no damage to helis in volcano flying? Helis become way too good... an apache can take out mrls and meds like nothing if they had to
  21. well the rule isnt straight forward tbh
  22. Hi ExEric3, This $50.00 will go towards the buying more server goldfish. Thank you kindly from RenCorner Network P.S. they aren't really goldfish, they're sharks...with laz0r beams attached to their frikin heads.
  23. More like an exploit rather than a glitch. I wonder, no one talked about this. What if we make hitsquads with jets and rails/pics and fill APCs then everyone comes out, shoots and goes back in then the APC fucks off LOL
  24. Well, its balanced, if you cant buy a repair gun. And it's a glitch because you can reload in the tank?
  25. dogs
  26. throat
  27. I played it on Niagra yesterday. Sakuras were also unavailable. However, I don't think you really need to trial it to see what will happen. It's obvious to me. Yes, I believe there altered damage values of ramjets vs apaches / orcas. I don't think it applied to arties? I supported the lite/rav ban. It was overpowered, unbalanced and a glitch.
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