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Welcome to the latest new arrival of Ark Survival Evolved: Scorched Earth. This brand new DLC is now out for PC and Xbox.

Here is the trailer for it, with brand new content, biomes, weapons, items...along with new dinos and creatures. New weather systems and much, much more.

PS: Did I mention the dragons in it too.....

Enjoy the trailer from WildCard Studios!!



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paid dlc in a game in early access/alpha?

not sure about this lol

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Yes there has been a lot of backlash with this but Wildcard are pushing for full release of the game (which was supposed to be this autumn/fall) but it's now due early 2017. People also have to understand that not all the profits go to WC as it is split between other studios they are now associated with and steam also want's their cut too of the profit along with other hidden costs to pay out. 

Yes the game should have been finished first along with all bugs and optimizes being completed before DLC was added. The center map expansion map was added free of charge and also Primitive + total conversion was too.

As much as the scorched earth is cool it should have been placed on hold until after the official launch to celebrate the finalization of the game which would have been better. I've already got the DLC for the scorched earth and yes it's dam harder than the other maps. The main game still has more dinos/creatures to release and weapons/items too. 

Island is easy.

Center is medium.

Scorched Earth is hard.

Comprising seven desert-themed biomes—Dunes, High Desert, Mountains, Canyons, Badlands, Oasis, and Dragon Trench—Scorched Earth is littered with ruins and ancient cave systems.

The main game Ark Survival Evolved has now 40% off until 8th September 2016.


“Scorched Earth utilizes a new feature called The Gateway, a cross-server ARK transfer,” reads a Steam community update. “Survivors who manage to survive the harsh arid conditions can travel back and forth from the Scorched Earth map to the ARK: Survival Evolved main game, taking with them newly collected tools, weapons, and their newly tamed creatures to impress their friends and dazzle their combatants.” 

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