Notice to Ark Players.

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Please ensure you have plenty of food in the dinos or in the dino troughs. For some reason recent updates have made the dinos consume extra food so they will die if not fed on a regular basis.

Rencorner is NOT RESPONSIBLE  for any dinos dying or which have died due to lack of food. This is YOUR responsibility to feed them.

At the moment there is an issue still with the food consumption, this time it's do to with the quetz, argents and pteradons. Please ensure that you have ample amounts of meat on them during flight as they now consume more than normal whilst flying (esp the quetz).

Thank you.

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Also I would like to say that if you are absent from the server after 2 months then your base will be demo'd and your dinos either claimed and given to other tribes or killed.  We need to free up space for new tribes to build. 

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