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Here is a preview of the new biome Redwood Forest. From Wednesday 25th May, all servers will have these markers in place to show the area's were the forest starts and end including the extended snow biome.

At the moment our server is still on v241.1 and the current version is v241.5, this is due to some things which the developers have changed/broken and lets just say someone is taking advantage of this *cough shai cough* so we won't be updating till the official patch on 30th May to v242 again this is a (ETA) and being a big updated patch for the game, it may/may not be released on time.

Here is what the markers will show in game so you know which areas are which for building bases etc.

Redwood Forest.



Top down map of new biomes:



Danger Zones and Safe Zones - these areas for players who have build bases and then it is up to them if they move or not. All bases built in that area could be destroyed. Shai this includes you with your base being at the snow biome already. Again it may/ may not get destroyed but, it's up to you if you want to move your stuff/dinos out of the way.




Images are from Wildcard Studios https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/biome-update-the-center-contest-and-xbox-patch-736-r234/

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Ragnarok Biomes (still needs updating)



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