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We are instituting an Advanced rank in the creative world, for players who show us they can build awesomeness.

Advanced builders will get

  •      A shiny tag in Creative world
  •      Access to (limited) world edit in your plot
  •      Access to a second plot world with huge plots

When we need Builders and Helpers, we’ll look at our own Advanced Creative players first.


To apply:

Claim a plot and build something.  Don’t ask me what, let your imagination soar.

Whatever you build, we’ll be looking for a certain level of skill and artistry in several areas:

Use of plot area - don’t just use a tiny corner of the thing, spread out and own it.

Terraforming - flat plots are boring - move into the third dimension - upwards and downwards. Hills, caves, rivers, etc

Landscaping  - your build lives in the world - let there be trees, shrubs, cactus - whatever fits your theme

Positive / Negative Space - This is a bit hard to describe, but the open space should draw you into the build and make you want to explore. 

Use of Materials - don’t just use 3 or 4 kinds of blocks, you want texture as well as color

Palette  - there should be a unifying color scheme, not a random patchwork of clashing things

Interior - There should be an inside as well as an outside, and the inside should be decorated and furnished, as appropriate

Creativity -  Show us something we haven’t seen before


Interactive Builds - these are Redstone contraptions, Parkour, Rollercoasters and the like, the scoring is different.  Additional criteria are

Elegance - redstone should be the smallest neatest design that works. It shouldn't break anytime someone sneezes near it

Polish - wiring should be concealed, rollercoasters and parkour should have scenery around them or be built into nice looking structures. Look at the 'art build' criteria to get an idea for how to make things nice looking

Fun - this is totally subjective but the judges will be riding, running through and/or playing your build

Some of the criteria won’t apply to every build - but try to think of all of them. The more you show you have thought about these things and incorporated them into your build, the better your chances.

Take your time - a really good build takes longer than an hour or two.

If your build is interactive be sure to say so in your post, along with any instructions on how to use it, you may not be around when the judges come. Don’t nag the staff - it may take a few days for us to get together and consider.


Good luck, and happy building!

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