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How and Why to Vote

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How To Vote


Go to:     http://mc.rencorner.com/vote/


There are four (4) different websites. Use the next/previous buttons to navigate between websites.

Vote on each website every 24 hours.


If you're having some issues, here are some images to help you.



Server 1: MinecraftServers.org

1)Complete the capcha. 

2) Put in your Minecraft name. It is case sensitive. Meaning, make sure it's typed out exactly the same way as in game.

3) Hit "Vote for this server"


This is what it should look like after a successful vote.

4)Click "Next"



Server 2: Minecraft Multiplayer Server List

Same idea as server 1.





This is what this one looks like when done right.

4) Next



Server 3: Minecraft Server List

1)Complete the capcha


2) Name

3) "Click here to send your vote"


Should say "Thanks, Vote Registered"

4) Next



Server 4: Planet Minecraft

1) Capcha.   In this one, you can either be numbers (like a picture of a house number), or crazy word combos, like shown in the picture.

2) Name

3) "Cast My Vote!"


Forgot to take a picture of a completed vote, so this is all you get :P


If there are some technical issues with our voting websites, let the staff know. Please and thank you.


Why To Vote


Each vote will give you a prize in game. So make sure you vote on ALL four websites every day! That's Prizes!


At the end of each month, the top three(3) voters will receive an additional prize. More free stuff! As well as

something something to make you stand out as a top voter...


Votes also increase our popularity as a server. And that's more friends to play with  :D:P


Now, Go and Vote!






Thank You,


BeastMistery aka fratboy

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