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At the moment there is a "Rain Bug" on the official servers as well as the non-official ones. The rain bug is essentially when the server initiates the rain, for some reason it should stop after a time but a block of rain continues and it won't go away.


This bug is over our base at the moment so I have shut down the server, re-downloaded it and rebooted. This has done nothing to stop the rain bug. Normall rain does not come through the buildings and when you stand outside your thirst bar fills up however this rain bug makes it so the rain does come through the buildings and  you cannot see your thirst bar filling up.


I have looked at the ARK steam discussions and this is what they had to say:


Here is the progression of the rain!
Rains once it stays...
Twice it starts to stack...
Three times continues to stack starts to spread in a larger radius...
4th time more stacking more spreading...
5th walls of unsee through able phantom rain lots of fps lag...
6th it starts raining for real only instead of being able to see visible drops all you hear is the sound in areas without the phantom rain already falling...
7th unbearable lag...
8th Fatal Error Crash
9th trying to reload continues to Fatal Error Crash Upon Load Your save file becomes corrupted...
(Note: stopping and starting the server gets rid of the rain for small period of time but it comes back harder and faster and spreads quicker, Have been testing it with numerous Local Games
This has happened to two servers they couldn't figure out how to fix it and had to restart the full server from scratch... Everyone lost all of their stuff. The Server Owners are refusing to reload the server till patch.
On my local game my game started crashing at 9th... Luckily I kept a back up file and deleted the corrupt one. However I started tinkering around with it and seeing if I could replicate it and seeing how the progression works. 
If you have an unofficial server I highly recommend shutting down your server before it starts to build to the crash!'
The bad news is after I re-downloaded the server today I backed it up...and overwritten the old files (before the rain bug) so if the server has to do a roll back it will still have the bug. 
Our server is playable and the rain hasn't spread yet or caused any of the following problems as above. The developers are working on a patch for it. 
Will keep everyone posted as soon as they release the new patch.
Thanx ice.

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Our server has been updated to version 206.2.


The Patch has worked no more rain bug \o/

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Current issues.

At the moment, mainly on the center map....the server disconnects players a lot. This is an issue with all Ark Servers and not just ours. This has happened since an earlier patch was released. Not only is this affecting PC servers but also XBOX ones too.

The Island map isn't as bad as the Center map for disconnects. Hopefully there is enough complaining on the forums that the developers are fixing it.  You can still play as normal just be extra vigilant when playing. Just be prepared for the disconnects so have a decent dino with you to help protect you if you lost connection from the server and have it on follow. 

As soon as any information is released about this fix I will update the servers asap.

Thanx ice.

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10th November 2016

There has been an issue with the center map server. For some reason after the server box has restarted after some windows auto updates it's knocked off the server.  I have rebooted it yesterday only to find the profile has been wiped.

I've got a back up from the 21st October profile and had to copy that over. Any building work or dino taming will not exist now as its a 2 week old back up used. Sorry about this but it was either that or a complete wipe of the server and a fresh start.

I have just sorted it out and updated the server. It should run fine now but I'll do another back up later on and also on the island map too.


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The center map is offline due to the steam client update and screwing up, it is now affecting the running of the ark server. Myself and shai have tried everything we can and nothing works. It will only be fixed once steam launches an update. It has been affecting other people too so it's not just a problem with us.

The ark server is offline and any dinos will be safe and won't need feeding etc. If you wish to play ark just use the Island map server IP instead.

Thank you.

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Not sure why or how but the steam client webhelper is still broken on the box, however I launched the Ark Center Map Server yesterday and it's been running fine ever since. There has been no hanging at all.

The steam webhelper client is still not working even though there was a steam update so it's been switched off at the moment.

The server is back online and so far so good. IP is if anyone wants to join.

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This version has some fatal errors. I have only updated the Island map as of yet. It is a know problem with OFFICIAL AND UNOFFICIAL SERVERS throughout ARK. The devs are working on a solution to fix this in a patch. It's affected the Island Map, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok.

There should be a patch due out....there is a patch out now. Will update the Island map first and test it out.

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