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Season Premier Tonight at 7PM Eastern, 4PM Pacific.



Your application to PRISON! - the hottest new reality show of the season - has been accepted.


You will have the opportunity to compete against all the other Prisoners for our Fabulous

Prize ™

Here is where you will receive your instructions and begin your adventure.

You begin at the lowly rank of A, and attempt to work your way up to the lordly status of Z.  

Mining - Since contestants are playing the role of Prisoners, your main task will be to make little rocks out of big rocks. Several mining areas are available to you for your mining pleasure. Any ores you find can be redeemed at the prison store for cash.


Cells - Contestants may rent a prison cell in which to sleep, craft and store your meager possessions, and even build yourselves a pitiful shelter from the rain. Rental fees on prison cells can be paid by mining or woodcutting. Weekly rental will be deducted from your cash balance. If your account cannot cover the fee, your cell and it's contents may be put up for auction. Cells are free during our season premiere.



Freedom - There is no fixed term to your sentence in PRISON! It is the fond hope of the producers that we will be renewed for many seasons to come. Consequently, there is no escape. There may, however, be a Fabulous Prize ™ awarded to those contestants who make it all the way to rank Z with their lives and sanity intact.


PvP - The lure of Fabulous Prizes ™ may inspire cut-throat competition. Prisoners are invited to cut each others throats by appointment in the PvP arena. Winner take all. PvP in other areas is discouraged, and contestants may sleep safely in their cells (as long as the rent is paid).


Tune in starting tonight, 5/15 at 7pm Eastern!

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This mode is really fun! Thanks :)

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PrisonGems added to prison

As you mine you'll see green + 1 Gem/s  messages pop up

/gems to see how many you have accumulated

Spend them on enchanting or repairing your sword or pick.  Hold it in your hand and type

/upgrade  or /repair


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