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Sentimental story (Optional):


Last year when I went back to be homeschooled (Just for the rest of the school year) I had to go with my mom to work at the literacy council every day. She basically taught high school dropouts in order to help them get their GED. There were a couple dropouts there everyday that I never really thought much about, but we did have some common interests.


PC Gaming.



I got them into Killing Floor and they invested hundreds of hours into it, and at the summer when I didn't go with my mom to work anymore, and they had their GED, I never talked to them. I still kept them on steam though.



So today, after roughly a year of no contact, I start up steam to receive this message.





Moral of the story:


Hey Killing Floor 2, here I am.


Oh and PC gaming is the best.

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Aha, this must be one of the best success stories for a typical PC gamer.  :761_animated_boxing:

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