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Donor ranks and incentives

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Here is our donor ranks and incentives.  Your donation will accumulate over a 6 month term.  Your Donor rank will increase or decrease as time goes on.  So whatever total donations you have for the previous 6 months will determine what Donor rank you hold.

Donor ranks revised 5-15-16.xls

To understand what is available for any given rank, each rank inherits lower rank commands and items, if you see a blank area then scroll to the right side of page, if there is something in the same line at a lower rank, you will have that as well.


This is subject to change or be corrected.


Thank you in advance for any donation you make to our server.

The Minecraft staff!




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For Renegade it's quite simple :

Donators of 10$ or more will benefit !mad sounds and join sounds. We won't add anything that might alter the ingame balance though.

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