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SkyBlock Updates

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We've been doing a whole ton of work behind the scenes here at Rencorner mincraft, but we haven't been so good about telling you all about it.

So, I'm kicking off a thread here for staff to post about changs to the skyblock world you may want to know about as they come up.

For starters, as of January 1 we are running uSkyBlock for Mincraft 1.8 I have crafted some fun custom challenges, and updated the rewards for some of the existing ones to give you the new blocks to play with.

This version of ultimate skyblock is heavily under development, which means problems are getting fixed, and new features are being added constantly, but it also means new bugs are creeping in. Please notify staff of anything that isn't behaving properly.

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Updated uSkyBlock to 2.3HF3



  • Teleport delay on most of the island teleports
  • i18n support (basic, need translators)
  • Improved top and info commands (pagination)
  • Improved purge (file modification)
  • Improved player-login performance (thanks to Brokkonaut)
  • Better is restart (and configurable teleport delay)


  • A ton -check out the GitHub pages
  • NameChanges has had quite a few...
  • So has the delete island (is restart)

Mostly this is back-end improvements for better administration and performance, not new player features. 


The improved purging is my contribution!  :D

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A Shopping Mall has opened in Big Sky Mesa!


Players may rent a shop in the mall to sell their goods.


ChestShop signs have the following format:


line1:  name (can be left blank)

line2:  quantity

line3: B buyprice: S sellprice

line4: item


for example:




B 100: S 2



Clicking the sign will let you buy slimeblocks from my shop for $100 each, or sell  slimeblocks to me for $2 each.  Money will be automatically added to or deducted from your balance when the shop is used, so be careful with your sell prices.


If the mall runs out of available shops, the developer will consider expansion.

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Skyblock updated, with some really spiffy new features:



  • Ban command - to get those pesky ppl off the island (`/is ban <player>`)
  • Trust command - to get your friends to help, without leaving their own island (`/is trust <player>`)
  • Island Talk - So you can communicate with your party (`/it <message>`)
  • Full i18n support (translations done in part for da, nl)
  • Much better safe-location detection of all teleports.
  • Performance improvements on player-login
  • Adjusted level-config for more balanced island-score-calculations
  • Improved support for configuration of maxParty

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