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MC Server Rules

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Network Rules


  • Please speak English in our server.
  • Respect the community and its players.
  • Racist remarks are not permitted. this include Slurs against a race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, group, or individual.  It also includes slang used in today's vernacular.  If you must, say it to yourself and DO NOT put it in chat.
  • Keep caps to a minimum.
  • Do not be a whiner (nobody wants to play with a complainer).
  • Respect the staff.
  • Do not impersonate staff.
  •  Cursing is allowed as long as it is not personal or directed towards a family member.  Cursing in CAPS is prohibited and could lead to a mute
  • Evading a ban is illegal (appeal it if you believe you were wrongly banned).
  • Do not exploit any bugs or glitches.
  • Do not intentionally cause server lag.
  • Do not use a hacked client or any mods that gives you an unfair advantage.
  • Do not spam the chat.
  • Advertising of servers, websites or any type of gaming community is illegal (you will be banned).
  • We don't want to see you asking anyone if they have a server, followed by asking for the server IP address. If you don't want to play here, don't bother coming in.
  • A staff member may ask you to change your name if it is identical to another player or is offensive.
  • Be nice!


Creative Rules
· Do not build lag machines to cause server lag.
· Construction of anything sexually suggestive is prohibited.
· If you give someone permission to build on your plot and they grief it, the problem is yours, we will not be able to do anything about it.

Survival Rules
· You can apply for “trusted status” after 3 days of joining the server.
· Griefing is any time a person modifies ANY structure or blocks that is not their own without consent in chat by the owner to modify it a certain way.
· Griefing of any structure built by the staff to serve the community (spawn area, rail system, recreational) is strictly prohibited, if you choose to grief it, you will be removed and/or have your “trusted status” taken away for a period of time.
· When we discover (and we will) who was griefing, you will have the items you stole removed from your inventory or structure as well as other items you might deem important.
· Theft is when one player takes any items / property of any other player illegally or without consent in chat by the owner. Log block will be the only valid evidence to determine theft and ownership. Any items found on the ground are up for grabs and belong to whoever picks them up.


Factions Rules

· Disconnecting and or Changing Servers to avoid being killed is considered evasion and is against the rules.

· See the "Factions 1.13 is Out!" thread for further details.


Mods that are legal are:
· Minimap as long as it doesn't track entities (players, mobs)
· Optifine
· Any texture pack that IS NOT x-ray (can see through blocks)
· Any single player mods that DO NOT affect multiplayer
· Cape Mods
· Brightness mods
· Armor HUD to show durability
· Potion HUD
· Macro key binding

Illegal mods are anything that gives the user an advantage over other players including but not limited to:
· Flying
· Jumping more than the normal number of blocks
· Any mod / texture pack that allows players to see through blocks / find ores
· Speed hacks
· Toggle Sneak
· Any movement mods (example: Movement+)
· Any other mods that enhance your gameplay in an unfair way


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