Holy Ghost Rust Server Revival

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I know everyone is patiently waiting for the updates, and I am guilty of finding other things to play in the mean time...

But I would love to be one of the popular servers when they do finally update the game.


I am hoping we can come up with some ideas to get our server back in the relevant zone.

I think the Arena is an awesome addition, it's just that we never had a huge burst of numbers to get new folks interested in it.


Just some stuff that came to mind this week that may boost our numbers:


  • If we get our rank up on toprustservers.com it couldn't hurt: http://toprustservers.com/server/6073
  • I could add the voter plugin and give people care packages for voting daily
  • We could try more mods, or maybe less mods...
  • We could try to speed the game up by adding more airdrops, and make it easier to get back on your feet..
  • Perhaps a mod that would only make you drop your inventory items, not your armor/bar items?
  • Same as above, but also drop 1 random armor item?
  • We have a few folks that like to do videos, lets leverage that!
  • Shorter night cycles?


Please your own add ideas, or provide feedback on these.

I want this server to be awesome, but I don't want to make it too much of a "job" for anyone.








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2 airdrops a day? at 12 and 12? Night airdrops would be fun :P

Votifier plugin would make it MUCH easier to get higher on rustserverlisting

Let's get james kickin' with them vids! ;)

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More mods.. 


I want a proximity sensor.




extra large back pack

more guns


Just to name a few. hehe


how about a custom map?

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Well I have played on a server that had an airdrop like every 20 minutes or something it was pretty nuts haha, But these are all great ideas, I just know once the big update comes to rust we will all be playing again.  Things that could help is us voting yes, Ill try and get guys to vote, and maybe we can set up a certain time of day or week were we can all try and log in at the same time? get around 10 people on the server would be nice.

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