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Hello friends,
Wanted to share the good news about the arena script I threw together this weekend.  A friend of mine invited me to a server he has been playing on for an arena event.... and lets just say it could have been a much cooler experience with some automation. They had 2 admins inside an arena they had built.. and they spawned in a ton of loot and put it in crates. They gave everyone sleeping bags so they could spawn again, but people had to remember to place another one after they died.. They had to spawn every person in and out manually.. it was a mess, but their server was full of people.. so it gave me some ideas. 
Many beers, and 300 lines of code later, we have an arena on our PVP server thats entirely automated!
Herbert did a fine ass job building the map, so be sure to give him a high five when you seen him.
Type /join and it will put you on the team with the fewest players. 
Type /teams to see who's playing, and on what team.
Type /leave to leave the arena and return to the normal game.
Theres no real "end" to the game at this point, you just spawn inside the arena at a random point within your side of the map with weapons and armor and kill the other team. If you die you will spawn back in the arena with the same gear and do it all again.
I have a ton of ideas on what to add beyond whats there now, but wanted to run some of them by you guys to see what direction I should take it.  Could end up going for all of them eventually!  If you have ideas, please share!
  • Classic Team Deathmatch: First team to 20/50/whatever number of kills wins the round, and perhaps some prize.


  • Deathmatch: No teams, just a free for all with similar kill count criteria to win, bigger prize than the Team Deathmatch mode.


  • Capture the points: I could do this by randomly spawning empty wood storage boxes throughout the arena, and players would have to find them and hit them with a hatchet once to "capture" them. First team (or player perhaps) to capture N number of crates would win.


  • More of a feature for each game then a game mode, but someone suggested the possibility of customizing the loadouts so they could always have medpacks in slot 4, shotgun in slot 1.. whatever format they like really. I could do something like /saveloadout and it would record what you had in your hotbar at the time and give that combination back to you each time. This could get messy.. but let me know if you think its worth writing code to support.


  • Kill streaks/sprees


  • More map options: SKeTcHz expressed intrest in building his own arena, and I'm sure others would be interested too. I could modify the script to teleport players to another randomly selected arena after the current game ends. This one seems to have the most return-on-investment in terms of code/awesome.


  • Different classes: Players could choose their class and recieve different loot/abilities.
  • Support: M4, grenades.
  • Gunner: Shotgun, P250, grenades.
  • Sniper: Bolt action, Holo sight, I could even bump up the damage of the bolt to always 1 shot kill.
  • Medic: 9mm Pistol, Medpacks, This one would look rediculous.. but if you shoot your team mates, it would heal them and stop any bleeding.

          This one will probably be the biggest pain in the ass out of everything.. but I wanted to make notes on it.

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That's awesome man! I can't wait to play some! :D

Classes would be a good addition. 

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had alot of fun tonight designing the maps and testing them out with you guys, was a blast!

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