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Rust Moderator Application

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1) What is your real name?

*Brad , but I just go by Herbert on TS.


2) What is your steam name?



3) How often do you play in our Rust servers?

*Every day


4) How old are you?



5) How long have you been playing Rust?

*Got about 200 hours on it or so. Few weeks.


6) Summarize in at least 20 words why you'd be a great addition to the RenCorner staff.

*wellllllllll, I'm super mellow, fair, hate cheaters/hackers, and I have the same goal for the server in mind as the rest of you.....


7) Is there anything else you'd like to add?

*Fuck yea bud....Vote for Herbert, and I will entertain the random people that enter the server, well I might just creep them out. Regardless I consider myself a good person to have watch over the server if none other are around to do get'cho asses down into my cellar for some Popsicles...

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