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What does your gaming cave look like?

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No, the AK47 is just a bottle filled up with polish vodka (or atleast it was lol). But i have an baretta pistol that shots those fireworks and similar stuff lol

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10 hours ago, AnThRaX said:

That is some slick wire porn. My cables are everywhere lol I’m probably asphyxiating my pc 

yeah I', very picky about that. Even the back of the PC is glass


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Kind of a neat post to see how people play each time...well for the longest time people have asked me what I play with..."man you must have the best gaming mouse", "you probably have the Nvidia Gforce secret military not available to public graphics cards" " you must have a huge monitor with super cooling systems"...well here is my set up...so when you see me sniping and dominating..picture this because thats where I am.

- my samsung monitor because I love samsung.. 

- my crappy $5 logitech wheel mouse 

- my crappy $15 Microsoft keyboard with zero special features or lights with W, A, S, D keys not even visible 

- one Dell computer speaker that crackles 

- also took a pic of my computer, I saw others open theirs but I dont think Ive ever done that nor do I want to because Im afraid of the dust in it...A crappy computer still running Windows XP and has one game only on it... the only game that I ever really play and that is Renegade...and most importantly for all those Noobs out there...No there are no cheats on there for Renegade! I dont even fricken know how to update half of the stuff on my computer! lol true story

- most importantly...the Rum N Cokes be flowing!!! hahaha 



cheers hope you like it

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oh nice this topic is back alive :D my cave would get me arrested so i dont post a pic this time :P

btw havana club tastes like anus, JÄGERMEISTER IS THE WAY TO GO

Edited by rackz

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