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Server Information

Server IP: mc.Rencorner.com
Slots: 1000
Grand Theft Auto, Creative, Factions, Skyblock, Survival, Semipve, KitPvP, Hunger Games, Prison, and Minigames.
Survival Dynmap: http://mc.rencorner.com:8888  

Skyblock Dymap: http://mc.rencorner.com:8886 

GTA Dymap: http://mc.rencorner.com:8889

Creative Dymap http://mc.rencorner.com:8887

IRC: irc.RenCorner.com 
Hub:                     #RC-MC-Hub
Survival:                #RC-MC-Semipve
Factions:              #RC-MC-FR
Hunger Games:   #RC-MC-HG
SkyBlock:             #RC-MC-SkyBlock

KitPvP:                  #RC-MC-PVP
Creative:               #RC-MC-Creative
MiniGames:          #RC-MC-MG
GrandTheftAuto:  #RC-MC-GTA


All-in-one channel: #RC-Minecraft

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If anyone wants to join one public IRC channel instead of all of them, you may use #rc-minecraft

It will show joins/quits, chat, and a dumbed down version of !playerinfo


To see players ingame: !pl <hub/pve/pvp/hg/skyblock/cr/fr/mg/gta/prison/all>


!pl pve

!pl all


To msg ingame: !msg <hub/pve/pvp/hg/skyblock/cr/fr/mg/gta/prison/all> <message>


!msg skyblock boop

!msg all blamo


To check playerinfo: !pi <hub/pve/pvp/hg/skyblock/cr/fr/mg/gta/prison> <nickname>


!pi hub shaitan



Keep in mind it has a flood timer on it, so you cannot spam !msg all message a bunch of times.

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