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IRC Public Channels

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Our IRC server is located at irc.rencorner.com.
Renegade Channels:
Marathon: #RC-AOW
Snipe: #RC-Snipe
Community War: #RC-Comm
RxD: #RC-RxD
Minecraft Channels:
All server channels merged: #RC-Mincraft
Killing Floor Channels:
Normal Server: #RC-KF
Doom- Hard Server: #RC-KF1
Doom- Normal Server: #RC-KF2
Private Server: #RC-KF3
Big Server: #RC-KF4
Suicidal Server: #RC-KF5
Counter Strike:GO Channels:
Arms Race: #RC-CSGO-Armsrace
Casual: #RC-CSGO-Casual
Deathmatch: #RC-CSGO-Deathmatch
Being on irc in these channels can help you see who is in game, what map it is on, and interact with the players in game without having to join the server. 

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Team Fortress 2 channels:

Normal Server #rc-tf2

Mann Vs Machine (Players Vs AI) #rc-mvm-2

PropHunt Server (Props Vs Hunters) #rc-prophunt

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