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RenCorner's First LoL Tourney Sign-Up!

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Sorry for the short notice, but I have been looking into expanding what our Team here at Rencorner is capable of. It's time to show your skills!


We will be holding a tryout for the Team Here at RenCorner. Most people are already on the team, but we need the best of the best to step forward to help up earn this Tourney win.


In doing so, it allows up to continue to enter contests and other competitions to get our name out there.


Now I know, we are not SKT1 or any pro team like that, but there is always room for improvement. We all will learn more from this, on play style, reflexes, counters, or anything else that can be beneficial to your time spent in League of Legends.


As of right now, we have a small ranked team for RenCorner. I would love to see more than that come from League of Legends. I see it as an opportunity to show the world that We are more than just an everyday gaming community. I want to show how we work together for the greater good, in everything we do. I see this as one example of doing so. Not only having the chance to winning some Tangible rewards, but as a learning experience for all.


So far, the only information on this tournament I know are right here:



I also know that they start taking Team entries This Monday!


Team Roster:

1. Lundy004

2. CreedChamp

3. Keennuts

4. Applez

5. ?


Back-Up's (REQUIRED!)

1. ?

2. ?

3. ?



We will being tryouts Sunday, October 6th, at 1pm EST

If you are unable to attend, yet wish to be a part of the team, Send Me (Lundy004) a PM via the Forums



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I was already on the team before but got kicked or something, I'm decent, been working with my Diamond II friend latley and i've already learned so much.

The only lanes I would feel comfortable in (I can play any lane) is Support, Top or Jungle

I've already played with you b4 Lundy and I'm going to be at school at 1pm on the 7th. How about any time 12-4 this weekend?

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I would love to be part of the team. I am good in top lane and jungle, I can adapt and play ADC if it is required. Mid lane I havent played for so long but I still do play good in mid.

Sign me up!

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