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Why can't every ranked game be like this?

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I entered into a lobby and this happened:

BEASTLYxDOG: adcviciousprodigy: jungfaustinsc: midBEASTLYxDOG: topYou May Not: Preff suppYou May Not: O.o



This is the first time out of 25 ranked games where no one is arguing about it. Sadly someone on the other team dodged...


Too many damn Afk's in Ranked!!!! I need a duo partner! (NA)

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Welcome to ranked life bud! We had a team of the most OP champs, Malph top, ammumu jung, thresh support, vayne adc and kassadin mid, but everyone did horrible because they had no idea what they where doing! Most of my games have been at least 1 afk... And then you always get this:

Alton321: adcAlton321: adcKiIler Kratos: jungleYou May Not: topKiIler Kratos: junglejesuscholo12: topKiIler Kratos: jungleKiIler Kratos: jungleKiIler Kratos: jungle prefF0GZZ: ill mid then actuallyjesuscholo12: topjesuscholo12: topjesuscholo12: topYou May Not: I'm top jesusjesuscholo12: topjesuscholo12: am top



The thing is he was last to pick, and I was the captain, and we tried to explain pick order to him but he didn't listen and instead locked jax... Our team ended up losing, I gave him top and went adc and made our adc mad and he had to go Support, but Jax ended up feeding.... Ranked is gayyyyyy

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