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Server Information

1 post in this topic - Marathon AOW Server

XWIS Hostname: a00000000

GSA/RenList Supported


Running Dragonade by @Whitedragonand a custom version of BRenBot by @BigWrench



Moderator List:


Owners: [SynC]Trojan[L] volcom OSTKshai JustSlayin
Administrators: genblacky raven shaitan67 Strike {Os}Manuel857
Seniors: masscarriers wtdragon5 bigwrench OSTKrzrbk rzrbk1018
Full Moderators: creed3020 OSTKdisplay FurinKazan dippy {Os}Cyanide Joejjj80 bad2gurlz OSTKvlat Wyld1USA TDxWar0n Gozy iB-Fabregas4 DuyGER MadsMax26 vador845 iB-shadowfor iB-mdogg1108
Vet  Moderators: tdxdronez4 joetorp i0ncl0ud9 TDxRooney Whiskey JustSaiyan
Half Moderators: TDxSAP TDxDAMPERTJE ||DANTE|| Qjmatrix1 Peshmerga iB-itai795 [Dragon]apple5168
Temp Moderators:
Donators: OSTKshai iB-mdogg1108 iB-shadowfor Gozy Vooltimah Joetorp iB-Fabregas4 {Os}Manuel857 rackzz BigWrench [NE]CrazyCharger warlord83 TDxDAMPERTJE ExEric3 PTapioK6 Capt.JackOff visara1 Forithow [E]Nudle Wyld1USA Shadowfor Qjmatrix1 GetPastMe Volcom alucius rackz {Os}ChriS JustSlayin TDxSAP redpeony FurinKazan jez636363

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