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1) What is your real name? Sean
My realname is Erik.
2) What is your in-game name? OSTKSean
Ingame nick ExEric3.
3) How often do you play on our server? Pretty much everyday or every other
Usually every evening but mostly on sat and sunday.
4) How old are you? 25 (omg) old
5) What is your history with moderating and/or administrating Renegade servers? n00bstories rencorner, tmx, sla-ro, mpf
I moderated at St0rm Extreme AOW, Mutants Coop, own SK-Gaming Community, Xil Marathon, and old Ren-Archive.
6) On a scale of 1 to 10(1 being the least), how would you rate yourself on how much you know about IRC and BRenBot? 9
10 since I hosted ren servers and played a lot with IRC and regulators like BR, NR and CS.
7) How long have you been playing Renegade? Honestly can't remember but probably about 8 years
from 2005 so 13 years.
8) Have you ever been banned on a server before? If so, why? Yes, honestly can't remember where from though.
Yeah was banned by XilGwest at Xil Marathon Server.
9) If you caught someone cheating on the server, what would be your next step? record using fraps, check scripts, liaise with other mods, post in mod section, check alias's.
Spectate him, use sshot function, discuss on IRC with other mods/admins.
10) Summarize in atleast 20 words why you'd be a great addition to the RenCorner staff. Recently started playing again quite often. There's times when there's no mods in game and with past experience thought I would do a somewhat decent job helping things run smoothly. I have a fair amount of knowledge for the game too.
Im for long time part of Renegade Community and I love this game.
11) Anything else you would like to add. I have 2 beautiful children, so if you ever see my running randomly across the map, it's likely one of them have grabbed my keyboard :P

I currently working as System Administrator for one financial company and during free times Im moding server side scripts for Renegade or bots.

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