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Try organizing more events like a weekly? or at least a monthly basis so that way 1 day is a solid day of actual player count and games
not directly ideal but maybe try the st0rm approach?
where now just mara/aow is in rotation but capture flag match is implemented? or at least a balanced free for all dm is added?

renegade it self is obviously on a timer might as well use the final months/years getting actual play in

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While having weekly or monthly events could happen, every time one has been organized, people say they will come and they don't turn up or the cancel out at the last minute.  Having this image of full servers like the good old days are long gone. Players move on to better games, they have real life stuff to deal with, marriages and kids, or their job might stop them playing as regular. 

I have said my bit about this in another topic a while back but..... I can organize a Renegade Public Christmas Fun War in Dec just before Christmas and I'm sure it will get the peeps interested in it again. It can be organized for the 8th or 9th Dec / 15th or 16th Dec then it's not too close to Christmas as people are going to be super busy that week. I'll get the word out on social media to get the peeps interested and see how we go yea.

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