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Factions 1.13 Released!

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It's out now! Join with 1.13.1, then type /fac or use the hub compass. Earn $100 with jobs (/jobs browse and /jobs join) or the shop to create a faction (/f create).


Things to Note

- You can only join with 1.13.1 at the moment

- Natural spawners will not drop when broken with Silk Touch

- 25% chance to break and drop unnatural (placed) spawners with TNT.

- Some rules have changed - see below.


Future Features

Shop: base essentials, including spawners and obsidian; money-makers

- Crates

- RandomTP

- Mythic Mobs (maybe)

- King Of The Hill (maybe).



- No cheating or bug exploiting, including using a minecart bug to search for caves / spawners. See the main rules thread for info on which mod clients are allowed.

- No lag machines, including excess redstone circuitry

- Do not claim end portals or the obsidian platform

- No hate speech and/or racism

- AFKing is allowed for 45 minutes - using an AFK farm outside of this time will result in an appropriate punishment!

- Money glitches / exploits will result in a balance reset - report them immediately if you find them! Logs are kept of all transactions.

- No Alt accounts allowed!

- No advertising.

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