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You may find the server is down occasionally.  We are working on upgrading to 1.13, please be patient. Until all the plugins are updated, some servers will be accessible from 1.12.2 .  Survival will be accessible using i.13 using the command /server survivalbeta.

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Changes log:

26th - 31st July

- Updated BungeeCord plugins

- Updated Hub plugins: Votifier, VoteForwarder, and ViaVersion

- Added ViaVersion to all servers (can join any server EXCEPT Prison and GTA with a 1.13 client)

- Added Spigot 1.13 Hard-mode Survival Beta server

- Generated a world seed with every biome within a 5000 x 5000 square

- Added updated plugins: Essentials, EssentialsChat, GriefPrevention, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-NetherPortals PermissionsEx, VotingPlugin, NuVotifier, PurpleIRC, CrazyAuctions, Jobs, MultiChat, SleepPercentage, Vault, CoreProtect

- Configured the plugins; fixed Jobs plugin item data errors, enabled mob griefing and firespread (except lightning)

- Fixed some chat problems: PM permissions and global chat messages not parsed by server

- Created /kit tools with a boat to leave the island, and /kit claim with a golden shovel for claims, which will both reset every hour.

- Configured per-site voting rewards: 30 claim blocks and $75, with Standard and Epic rewards given for voting on all sites (I won't reveal any of these rewards except in-game).


Plans for the Future

- Add /survivalbeta as an alias for the command /server survivalbeta in hub (requires bungee restart and a new plugin)

- Further updates to plugins

- Fix IRC logging and command parsing, possibly universalizing a plugin.

- Fix name prefixes and chat colours in-game

- Add a survival 1.13 spawn build

- Replace hub build

- Wipe Survival 1.12.2

- Finalise Survival Beta as Survival by a further plugin update and stability check

- Add Creative 1.13 Beta server (order dependent on plugin updates)

- Add Factions 1.13 Beta server (order dependent on plugin updates)

- Add Skyblock 1.13 Beta server (order dependent on plugin updates)

- Add Survival Easy Normal mode

- Other servers to follow...


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