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Team Speak Channels.

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Hi Rencornians.

A little notice to all in how to use Team Speak. Recently there has been individuals who have come on to the Ark Survival Evolved Channel and been annoying with either childish trolling or spamming sounds or blasting music. That channel is for players to talk while in the game. I'm getting fed up of people entering and just being an idiot and so are other players who join that channel.

I don't mind people coming in to say hi or to ask questions about Ark. If you need to talk to someone just go to another channel to have the chat so you don't disturb the players. Show some respect and don't be rude. The Ark channel is not the one and only channel in Team Speak. There is set channels for music, hangout and other games for you to join.

I have kicked several people out and also banned them. I will not hesitate to kick/ban arseholes who disrupt players in the Ark Survival Channel.

Many thanx ice.


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