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in game name: Masterofkeyblade

plot coordinates: X:122.178 y:64.93750 y: -76.469

special/hidden rooms: Nope but i encourage you to look up and my self made clouds and of course the river. 


Have a nice day :D

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Let me know when you  are done and ill move it to our judging area in forum just remember  what we're looking for.   


Claim a plot and build something.  Don’t ask me what, let your imagination soar.

Whatever you build, we’ll be looking for a certain level of skill and artistry in several areas:

Use of plot area - don’t just use a tiny corner of the thing, spread out and own it.

Terraforming - flat plots are boring - move into the third dimension - upwards and downwards. Hills, caves, rivers, etc

Landscaping  - your build lives in the world - let there be trees, shrubs, cactus - whatever fits your theme

Positive / Negative Space - This is a bit hard to describe, but the open space should draw you into the build and make you want to explore. 

Use of Materials - don’t just use 3 or 4 kinds of blocks, you want texture as well as color

Palette  - there should be a unifying color scheme, not a random patchwork of clashing things

Interior - There should be an inside as well as an outside, and the inside should be decorated and furnished, as appropriate

Creativity -  Show us something we haven’t seen before


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It is suppose to be done when he applied.

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Ok i thought you  were still  working on  it yesterday.  we will vote on it and let you know give us about a week

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