mod application (edit: i mean at least temp mod thank you)

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1) Nicholas
2) stik
3) all day everyday, and since
4) 24
5) first timer if this goes well
6) Well I think the question "what is IRC?" out of my mouth says 1 or lower
8) nope, i hate hackers, since i have never been a mob, usually on the sight of one i would instantly call a mod
9) (if i have banning and messaging powers) i would msg the hacker and say YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT HACKING ON THE RENCORNER SERVER, HOW DO YOU PLEAD? and go on from that.
10) When i was a child, i always wanted to help those in need and those not in need, whether it were family, friends, or friends of family, i always wanted to help out a fellow in need. Basically i would help the people in need of help in my favorite terraria server rencorner.
11) I would help make more mini game arenas for the server, for instance spleef, or capture the gem mini games.

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1) If you read the Tempmod application properly its for Tempmod or Helper. Other ranks will be earned in time if you do your normal duties well. This shows that you haven't read the forum all the way through, or ignored it. Pretty sure you just saw the "click here" and went right to applying.
2) I highly doubt you're 24, If we catch you lying that will lower your chances of being accepted.
3) The first version was 1.0 (If you knew you would have put that).
4) I made a capture the gem arena, officially finished around 3 weeks ago.
5) Contact Satomi about your official register date. (I might do this myself if possible)

Edit: 6) you have /w and /tell aswell as /whisper.


Your application will be under consideration, you'll get an answer soon. (Patience is very very important!)
Good Luck!

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saying you were here since I don't remember a character named stik. also, as skilz said, lying about your age does you no favors. treat this application like you would a job application: your boss won't want to know how you IMAGINE yourself. he/she wants to know what's TRUE about you before you can be accepted. If you were held to the standard of someone who is 24 but you are really under 18, you are probably going to be overwhelmed with tasks you do not have the maturity or skill level to handle. 

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Since our update in June, you have only joined in the last 3 days - 'stik' was registered on July 25th. Your IP address was spotted with the characters:


pvp lord, frisk (Feb 7th)

nicdastic_gaminYT (Feb 4th)

red eye (Jan 7th, Jan 27th, in the last 3 days)

stic da wizard (Jan 7th, Dec 20th, Dec 16th)

You have also joined on a couple of other names, including 'nicdastic', 'stickius|||', 'a random fisherman', 'stiksoffhandaccount' and 'kituinanda', in the last 3 days. 


We welcome you as part of our community, but we require staff to be both active and honest. You have been on a grand total of 9 dates in the last 7 months, which does not qualify as 'active' by any reasonable definition; you also claim to have been playing 'all day, everyday', which is not an accurate statement. If you wish to be part of our staff, please consider reapplying once you have played actively for at least two weeks and can resolve to be upfront and honest with staff. Your application is thereby denied at this time. Have a great day!



(Oh, and anyone is free to build a CTG/spleef arena - or other minigames - on our server! If you build one and want it considered for protection, contact a staff member.)

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