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Well over the past year(s) Ark Survival Evolved has finally got it's launch date.

8th August 2017.


Ark has been on sale quite a few times over the year and heavily discounted with up to 68% off....well now unfortunately with the launch date nearing the price of the game will increase. It was a case grab it while you can, so if you haven't got the game as of yet you can now pre-order it. It is available across all platforms for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4. 

Right now they are throwing in some unique collectors items in with the game which include:


The ultimate ARK fan's dream, the limited Collector's Edition is a collectable faux-wooden chest box that contains the ARK Explorer’s Edition (base game + Season Pass) along with...

A handcrafted leather-bound Explorer's Notebook, featuring the Dossiers of every in-game creature
An official ARK necklace
A cloth map of the ARK island
A poster of the Studio Wildcard development team
The official ARK: Survival Evolved soundtrack, recorded live at Abbey Road with the Philharmonia Orchestra
Manufactured by Triforce, the best designer of high-quality video game collectables!


As of now, picking up this package is the only way to get the exclusive bonus items, however, if we’re able to sell out the initial stock, we will order another set that includes all of the above, minus the game. The reason we’re not able to do this currently is due to the high cost of producing these physical products.


Here is the the trailer for the launch:


Here is a link to purchase the limited collectors edition

Also in other exciting news there has been a new map called Ragnarok now launched FREE DLC on steam.


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