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Announcing the Launch of Rencorner Terraria!

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The Rencorner staff is very pleased to announce that.....


Terraria is LIVE!


Many exciting new plugins have been added and changes made! Some highlights:

Server 1: A new QC, naturally regenerating world (protect your houses, folks!), better protections for signs/statues/dummies etc, and all the new content brings - including a Dungeon Defenders arena!

Server 2: A naturally regenerating world (see above!), better protections, new content, chests that anyone can loot ONCE which refill (no more worrying that there are no more Lava Charms in the world!), new events and arenas, and more! 

Unfortunately, our previous VIP ranking system has been replaced. To thank our loyal players who have been with us since before this update, any VIP or higher active member from has been given the Veteran rank! Normal VIP is still available for signup for new members.

We are also announcing a new trust-based rank, VIP+, which will be able to start invasions and more - stay tuned for more info!

We're excited to see you in the update, and hope you have as much fun as we will! See you ingame!

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